Unexpected Bliss by Mia Brunet

Blind winged cupid shot through my soul to set it free

Tackling you in front of the house, met with an awkward “hi”

Surrounded by laughter and ruby red cheeks

Once a friend but now so much more

Once terrified by the actions of my lust, but now

Emotions melt into one single being of ecstasy. Floating on air,

living on the tips of my feet. The ultimate freeing experience

Once bound by the constraints of the mind, released by care

I want to scream, skip, and shout at the top of my lungs,

sharing what has set me free. But desire to keep it between just me.

Making the home I’ve made in his arms mean so much more

There is no description or definition for the feeling that is brought upon

Staring in his green eyes, the look he gives me when I sing,

or do something goofy, makes my heart flutter

The only person who can make me melt, and it’s worth it

this feeling of security by the binds of commitment

But completely freed by trust and emotion

I dream of forever, for this is love

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