Wilson College offers two creative writing prizes to its students: the Joanne Harrison Hopkins Prize and the William and Ivy Saylor Prize. Every year, one Wilson undergraduate student will be chosen for each prize. Winners will be considered for publication in the Bottom Shelf Review. If you are interested in submitting to either prize, please write to Dr. Matthew D. McBride at

The Joanne Harrison Hopkins Prize
Endowed by classmates and friends of the late Joanne Hopkins of the Class of 1957, this prize is given for the finest piece of imaginative literature in fiction, poetry, drama, or creative non-fiction produced during the academic year.
This is a contest judged by the members of the English faculty. In the spring semester, notification will be sent out to all students eligible for the prize asking for submissions that will include all relevant directions on how to apply for the prize.

The William and Ivy Saylor Prize
Endowed by Raymond W. Britcher and established through the Academy of American Poets, The William and Ivy Saylor Prize supports young poets through a program established by the Academy of American Poets at colleges nationwide. Winners receive a cash prize as well as a one-year membership in the Academy.

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