Until It’s Too Late and I Am the Voice by Patty Flook


Walking through the schoolyard
sickened by what I see.
All this hatred
but nothing surprises me.

Innocent people hated
because of who they are.
They wear long sleeves
to cover their scars.

They want to feel pain;
What this world has come to
is such a shame.

The words you say neglect them.
But the bully doesn’t care,
Your pleas mean nothing to ‘em.

You ask questions as such:
How could you make someone
hate themselves so much?

As they lay in bed, and think
about what to say.
They begin to think there’s no escape
Why go through another day?

With only one thought in mind
they cry, begging to die
To the God above to make it stop
To receive no reply.

No one knows what happened
next. No one cared enough
Until it was too late.
They chose their escape.


I am the voice
of those afraid to speak.
The ones society calls weak.
Those you ridicule every day,
do not know, what to say.
We have feelings too. Okay?

I am the voice
of those alone.
The ones abandoned and on their own.
The ones who hide their pain in their eyes,
The ones you never saw cry.

I am the voice
of those you forget.
The ones society regrets.
Though you see us and don’t care
whether or not we are here.

As we, like shadows
slowly disappear.

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