4,3,2,1 by Jade Wolfe

Four people,
three dogs,
two garages,
one house,
encased in white shiplap and edged with black metal.
Elegant emerald leaves sway
in the sparkling windows. Love flows on the wind
even when it’s not spoken.

The bond has been since birth,
has been nourished and fed
with strength and forgiveness,
then led through sweet celebrations
and dismal departures.
But laughter was sprinkled on top
to reign us back in and
keep us all entertained.

Growing up, some differences arise.
School, sports, social life
make time a scarcity.
Passing acknowledgments,
quick hellos, fast goodbyes,
but never erasing the underlying
foundation. Strong
wills keep the bond intact,

holding solid through disagreements and fights.
Those easily cured with a simple “I’m sorry”
and a long steady hug. No matter what
the bond will always be there, never faltering.
Support and love eternal.
Four people,
three dogs,
two generations
one family.

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