A River, The Veil, Trapped, and The Hunter by Trisha Grove

A River 

A river runs through it,  

But where does it lead? 

It flows steady and strong, 

And moves with speed. 

With purpose and poise,  

It flows along. 

Destination unknown, 

But not knowing is not wrong. 

A river runs through it,  

But where does it go? 

Follow the water, 

And then you will know. 

The Veil 

Am I crazy? Am I dead? 

What’s going on inside my head?  

It’s like I’m here, but yet I’m not.  

I must be stuck, or some how caught; 

In between this life and death.  

I look around and take a breath. 

A moment to realize I must avail, 

And break myself out of the veil. 


Trapped inside this box, 

 and all I want is out.  

Yet I’m still stuck, 

under six foot dirt and grout. 

I’m running out of air,  

Because all I do is shout. 

In hopes that someone hears me, 

And finally let’s me out.  

The Hunter 

Watching closely from afar, 

He sees you seated at the bar.  

He knows you came here all alone,  

He wants to make you all his own.  

He’s wanted this for quite awhile; 

He’s thought about it, the time is now.  

Tonight he’ll put his plan in play; 

He’s the hunter, you’re the prey. 

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