“The Comforter” By Shawn Demetrius Price

She’s trying so desperately to find comfort,

Because it seemed to have left along with her pride and joy,

She’s trying so hard to find security

Because the last hug felt like a chokehold,

And she’s looking to “the less” to fulfill those wishes.

Because less means something more than another broken promise.

She’s looking for a blanket to wrap herself up in,

On those cold days and those sad nights,

But the blanket she finds only wants one thing.

It traps, it deceives, and it controls,

Binding her to the couch, shutting the blinds, and keeping Netflix on continue.

Of course it will comfort her on those cold days and sad nights,

That’s when she’s most vulnerable.

And of course it will give her the security she’s been longing for,

He made sure no one can release her from this clutch,

But it’ll do those things, not for her, but for itself only.

This touch is not for affinity,

It closes her in to make her open her treasures.

It’ll do those things to gain her trust and to tear her guard down.

Jericho is falling!

And once those walls are down it’ll attack,

Seeking its real mission,

To reach the kingdom the Queen has kept so sacred.

Not to comfort her,

But to cover her,

Not to give her a sense of security,

But for her sentence of imprisonment,

And not to give her a brighter horizon

But to receive pleasure and only pleasure,

This blanket will never be worn down,

But she will break apart.

And once it feels bored and dissatisfied

It’ll move on to its next victim.


Just because it comforts you,

Doesn’t mean it comes for you.


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