“Lisa’s Boy” by Shawn Demetrius Price

Mama said, “Those lost souls are your brothers,

Learn to love to ‘em, and you bet not touch’ em”


Mama, I am not a villain,

These boys have sticks with stones,

That will knock teeth out of a welcoming smile,

Take the shine off of a golden heart,

And put the squeaky clean in the dirt,

I just want to walk home untouched.


Mama, I am not the gangster,

They brought banana clips to monkey bars,

And I don’t want war here.

I mean, what’s on my hip may be hypocritical,

But they see an eye for eye,

So I need a piece for peace.


Mama, I’m not the shooter,

I am the shaky hand,

Lucifer tickled my trigger finger.

He was my guardian angel.

My shepherd fell asleep,

So hollow by thy clip, when my name’s erased.

My spirit was up for grabs,

And I will not be caught by man.


Mama, I’m not the killer,

And I’m not the son you raised me to be,

I raised my tool, and turned the other cheek,

I shattered dreams and car windows.

Lucifer tickled my trigger finger,

They were trying to take my life.

I’m not the evil,

I just want to walk home untouched.

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