“Dear America” by Shawn Demetrius Price

Dear America,

You label us as inconvenient,

But your invitation came at a point.

We are your guest,

You shackled us to your monuments and said we weren’t ever leaving,

Told our egos, “we were never equals”

Told our brothers “you aren’t kin”

Your experiment with our women had our sons lookin’ different;

Making the title “house nigga” to create a house divided,

100 slaves,

You saw that 50 slaves were different,

To keep us weak, you threw shade at all 50 shades of nigga,

I guess it’s good you changed the Statue of Liberty to display our statute of limitations…


Dear America,

You label us as ignorant,

But our forefathers weren’t allowed to read.

Picking up a popular book,

Got you sent to a poplar tree

Still, we strived to move forward,

So you shackled us to the back of the bus.

We called for change,

You changed our scenery to prison cells,

We called for rise,

You sat still,

We called for peace,

You killed our leaders.

A man has a dream, and wakes up in the clouds;

Bullets set him free at last,

I guess you put a X on the future of our history makers…


Dear America,

You label us as infestation,

You called pest control.

You shackled my homies to tombstones.

Aren’t you sick of seeing young men sprayed down in the streets?

We don’t ask you for shit,

How you going to offer us 40 acres and a mule,

Then set us back 40 years and mutilate us?

Hating because you see the strive to greatness,

Pointing out our times of shame,

And trying to put an end to reminiscing.

400 years of killing and our fist still rise to your anthems,

I guess you want us to go back to Africa.

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