“An Invitation” by Shawn Demetrius Price

Lay with me,

Invite me to this world of yours,

Fix me up a remedy of silence.

Cure my daily pains,

And I’ll return the favor,

Only to break for a slight kiss to your headaches,

Show me what’s wrong,

It hurts me, as much as it hurts you…


Lay with me,

Use my chest as a pillow,

Let me twirl and run my finger through the knots of souls,

Reach deep in your dark places,

Talk until we find sunrise,

Or I can just hold you.

Therapy takes many forms,

And I’ll take time to show you…


Lay with me,

Take a load off,

And put your feet up on me.

Light is unnecessary,

We couch-surf in an abyss.

The moon’s glow looks good on you,

The winds is your nursery rhyme,

Peace has never been so close…


Lay with me,

The serenity of your unconsciousness gives me conscious thoughts,

Visions of change,

Blurs of you,

I zone back in for detail.

Count the lashes on your upper right eye,

Get lost at 72 and inhale,

This break was needed…

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