“Tropic Wealth II” by Joseph G. Allen

My ivory harem

One hundred silken winged girls

They rise at the light of morning

and in water drawn, the finest three share in bathing me


Days of lavish comfort

Moments held in zest and euphoria

My tropic wealth employs

such curiosity and danger

with fixations perversely filled


And by twilight, we feast

on island-hen,

mango and grapes,

with rum poured over native flesh


Congregants, full in ripened spirit,

indulge freely in my fabulous tropic wealth,

as I share equally in the depravities


Remote and securely affluent,

a kingdom on sprawling atoll

women and gold, pure currency contained


Robed in ceremonial embroidered regalia,

by our rite we dance

to commemorate my tropic wealth

of opulence and decadence found

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