“These Veiled Models” by Joseph G. Allen

I paint veiled models

In deep shaded variants of transparent blacks

the color hues arrive upon the pallet


As the inspiration consumes

motions of the mind and body,

the veils are released,

and the artist can finally begin


On bare canvas, still warm and breathing

I can see the colors fill,

and on her naked bosom I paint


This application does not disguise nor cover

It shall accent and celebrate

the wisdom and fantastic eye of the lord


And the artist is thankful

for the gift of the remarkable,

the natural and bountiful woman


So to her I shall dedicate many words and portraits

To thy luminous veiled models

Because I love, I cherish, I write, and I paint


For the beauty of one,

and for the beauty of the collective,

I stand, a man humbled by the essence of the rare,

the divine and radiant splendor of women


These veiled models

ready to be revealed

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