“Neoteny Function” by Evan Hoke

I passed by you on the soccer field,

 the morning sun glistening in the background,

You smiled as I passed you by, my ears burning when I noticed,

Soccer ball in your hands,


You sat next to me in class,

Leaning over, you asked me what I liked,

My heart beat fast, I replied casually, not knowing what I was saying,

Soccer ball on your lap,


We walked home together,

 the setting sun dimming in the background,

 You spoke as though you loved me, while my mind screamed for release,

Soccer ball at your feet,


I walked to your house the next day, stopping at the front door,

That’s what friends are for, after all

I waited for you to leave as the day turned to night,

Soccer ball on your front porch.


I thought about you tonight,

as sleep avoided me while time passed,

I felt dizzy with anxiety, my throat was dry,

Soccer ball in my dreams.


I haven’t seen you for a couple days,

I can’t say anything when I pass by your house,

Even though I’m ready to grow up,

 Where is your soccer ball?


A new morning came as I passed by the soccer field,

the rainy sky somber in the background,

I couldn’t comprehend what had happened,

Soccer ball on the ground.

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