“My Cool Mountain Calla” by Joseph G. Allen

At the very moment dawn pierces night,

  her upwind calls to action genuine fantasy


Captured within the fury, and the might of these gusts,

  I am but a mere constituent,

    a secretor, a slave to the mastery of excitation


She emerges with elegant elongations

  Her long stem conveys her above the ordinary floras


She is my cool mountain calla

  And beneath her pristine white blossom,

    spreads the openhearted Elizabethan ruff


Her ovum is pointed

  open and ready to receive

    the seed of her migratory lover

      Tis I, he who has wandered alike the countless drifting pollens


Blind to all conflicts and whirling derisions


My collective cellular army,

  engaged upon the selected target,

    seeks only one glorious ovule under treasured foothill

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