“A Horrible Feeling” by Jenna Kauffman

I crave what I can’t have.

Being able to walk on the beach,

any time of the year.

Listening to the preaching,

my favorite artists singing without fear.


Being able to travel,

see the world unravel,

before the chance passes,

and not be worried with classes.


To not be biased,

even though I’m not (am I?),

but I worry I will become my family,

in the blink of an eye.


To not be judged,

when expressing my thoughts,

but do inventors really care?

Were their stomachs in knots?


Leaving a place fulfilled,

instead of that horrible feeling I get

as if I’m being killed.

Not being jealous of others,

but it’s a habit we all have, right?

It comes one after another?


Knowing I have accomplished

my purpose in life,

instead of feeling so empty inside.

Sometimes it even turns into strife,

the feeling of a knife,

what is a fife?


Everyone tells me I should be grateful,

and I am, I could have it far worse.

But I would never wish upon anyone,

this feeling that’s like a curse.


I crave what I can’t have.

Maybe it’s meant to be that way,

seeing as the feeling never goes away.

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