“We Under Leaf and Elixir” by Joseph Allen

Sanity and boredom is for the commoners

Lucid dreaming and artistry will remain for me

Poured over me like the colors of my tempers and skin

I can freely wallow in the debaucheries of my own creations

no matter how criminal


Though equally I may be redeemed

Upon sincere request, I may be delivered

Though, for now I remain drenched in the mysticisms

I mix potions for my consumption as well as the consumption of my closest friends

And some days I live at home

And some days I live in the trees


So please, if you find yourself in my wood

Harken my call

Look up and into the leaves

Begin to see with unvarnished eyes

Call my name and I shall descend

To meet you on the forest floor with my potions in hand

And we shall sip and swallow

And with new strengths we shall then equally ascend

Up and into the trees


For only a moment or a day or two

To live with the freest and purest of reasons

Celebrate what is real and balanced with transient vision


We under leaf and elixir

Pass this day in the canopy of leaves

Residing with avian friends

As we bask in the flickering sun at the top of the ancient tree

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