“The Sweetest Melody” by Shawn Price

I know this child is not my daughter,

But I mean, so what?

She just needs someone to hug and teach her what love is,

So “I’m here now…”


I’m not her Father,

But I’ll show her the world and why The Father brought her to me,

So we’re here now.

Sharing “I love you,” held hands, and a good view,

Laughing to her favorite songs, a loud “papa bear,” sneaking candy,

And playing Lion King with Simba,

Teaching her to roar like Mufasa did,

Staying up later than Mommy says,

Watching her do her best with prayers,

Then laying with her when a night light doesn’t do her justice,

I whisper “Don’t worry, I’m here now” and she whispers her secrets,

And although I wasn’t always near to hear them,

“I’m here now…”


I know this child is not my daughter,

She is my sweetest Melody,

She brings the purest shine to my dark mind,

And she lift my spirits when a sunrise doesn’t do me justice,

So “I’m here now,”

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