“The Shade” by Shawn Price

I feel that,

Even though I’ve never really fulfilled your wishes,

I can at least fill your shoes one day.

I mean, only if I ever get from under your shadow to find them.


I see you every day in the mirror,

But still lost on whether I’m your son or dark side.

I’m still in the middle of being your biggest success or greatest failure,

I’m just lacking some pieces of you in me.

I mean, I have eyes just like yours,

I try to smile, talk, walk, and pray like you,

I’ve even gotten your laugh down,

But I still don’t seem to be half the man.

I mean, I can look you at eye to eye now,

My handshake is just as firm today,

I learn to gain strength and try to fight life like you,

But nothing seems to be enough.


Pops, I need you.

I get my fire and drive from you,

I stay connected to God through you,

I always seem to see the light with you,

And still get little in the dark without you,

But I know one day, I’ll need to stop being Demetrius.


My only prayer is that you leak your secrets on living,

So I can feel victory outside of your shade…

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