“Tender Warfare” by Nicole Zuleger

We assemble in stubborn silence.

Neither ready to surrender.

An unsolvable impasse.

There will be no survivors.


One day we are a romance novel,

the next we march to battle.

All is fair in Love and War.

I wish this was not our struggle.


The war drums beat inside my chest

when you whisper in my ear.

I taste the blood of the fallen

with every kiss you steal.


Adrenaline pumps as my soldier advances.

To fight for our love and stay, or

to flee in fear of injury.

I stand frozen in my spot,

too in love to flee.

Too afraid to fight.


Basic training cannot prepare for a shattered heart.

Call the medics. Call for backup. Quick, she・fs fading fast!

Pull the pieces together. Stitch up with a smile.

Friendly fire always triggers the most grief.


I stand in sorrowed silence.

Stars and stripes are draped across you.

Twenty-one guns infiltrate my thoughts.

If only our love was not a battlefield.

If only I had not lost.

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