“Remember” by Kirsten Bilger

Do you remember

when you last told your mother

that you appreciated everything

that she has ever done for you?


Do you remember

when you last told your father

that you loved him

and that he was the best father?


How about the last time

when you hugged your sister

and did not give her attitude

even when you wanted to?


How about the time

when your grandmother spoiled you

and kept giving you money just in case

even when you refuse to take it?


Another time

when your grandfather picks on you

and you pick back until he backs down

and turns into a funny battle that lasts for minutes?


Do you remember

when you thought of someone

besides yourself and actually

did something to make a difference in their life?


I can remember all of these

and they all give me happy memories

that make me smile

even when there is nothing to smile about.


So why is it hard to remember

those who have passed on

and hard to remember what we did

to create memories?

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