“Love” by Jessica Miller

The night is eerie.

No moon sliver to be found.

Walk with purpose.

Know what must be done.


Sirens wail,

Signaling the potential fate.

Shake off the worries

Breathe in the darkness.


There she waits

Her dark hair,

Her dark eyes.

My father’s hair,

My father’s eyes.

My mother’s nothing.


Cold metal.

Trembling hands,

Wielding death.

Closing in on her.


The blade slices through her skin,

Deep into her heart.




Heart racing,

Thumping in my chest.

Trying to free itself from its latest deed.

My brain kicks into overdrive.

Shut down all emotion.



No more screams.

No more whimpers.

No more gasps for last breath.

I grip the knife


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