“Lost” by Jamie Burnett

Poetry Contest Winner

Stumbling upon a rigid road

            Cracked but still intact

Progressing pace after pace

            Fear hidden behind ignorant eyes

Seeking an idealistic destination

            Fabricated with innocence


Approaching a sudden bifurcation

            Blinded by the turbid distance

Following a stubborn impulsion

            To stray from the right

Focusing solely on the presence

            Of that prospective journey


Pondering such hasty determination

            Time to rewind

Searching for reason to justify

            To gain a perception of pride

Doubting where the road may lead

            And conscious of the crumbling gravel


Backtracking to a familiar scene

            Home or maybe just a dream

Conceiving what was once to be

            Secure pavement under those feet

Accepting guidance from signals

That were formerly ignored


Realizing the route that I should have taken

Noticing the reality that I was mistaken


Yes, I am lost, but the feeling is divine;

trust me, friend, I am going to be fine.

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