“Less Friend” by Gia Hickey

Dear Stranger,

Soft whispers,

A shaky voice.

A wish to disappear from class.

My heart breaks for you.


Dear acquaintance,

Still so timid.

Chocolate eyes always down.

What fears are locked in your mind?

My heart is intrigued by you.


Dear Friend,

Shared songs in the summer sun and

Sleepovers lacking sleep.

Laughter lingers like a strong perfume.

My heart is lifted by you


Dear Sister,

My loving second home,

Never leaving my side.

Me and you against the world.

My heart is becoming you.


Dear Friend,

High School separation,

People doubt us but

I still hear your voice every day.

My heart is hopeful for us.


Dear acquaintance,

Vacant seats next to me.

Days of absent text messages.

Tornadoes of doubt rip through my mind.

My heart worries for us.


Dear stranger,

A year has passed since we’ve last spoken.

Scenarios race through my mind.

Was is something I’ve done?

My heart is broken for us.

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