“Best Friend” by Ashlee Sunderland

Dear best friend

I remember when we met

All those months ago yesterday

We’ve been hanging out forever

Or so it seems


We’re mirror images, you and me

Almost like we are related in some way

I tell you all my secrets and I know all of yours

And when one of us is hurting the other is there


Though we may fight from time to time

We still have each other’s back

Sometimes we do stupid things but that’s okay

Because neither of us judges the other


We may act like kids sometimes

And get into no end of trouble

But if one of us went to jail

The other would bail them out


That’s the beauty of our friendship

It has no limits, because we aren’t just friends

We are sisters and that’s how it should be

And that’s how it always will be


We are trouble in every sense of the word

But we are the most loyal people

Especially to each other

And that’s why you are my best friend

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