“A Girl” by Breana Wilde

There are many girls in the world, but

this one is different. She hides

her pain and emotions from everyone

so people don’t worry about her. She takes

care of everyone else and worries about them, but

she doesn’t want them to worry about her.

She learns to cry when no one is around because

she wants to be strong for everyone else. This girl

learns how to deal with her problems behind closed doors.


Only a few people             can get through those doors.

She has been hurt so much she has put up layers of walls.


Only a few people             will be able to break down these walls,

brick             by             brick.


This girl knows how to wake up and put on a smile and act

like everything is alright when everything is not.


Only a few people             know that her heart is breaking.

She                                knows that holding her emotions in

is not healthy


but she is too scared to let anyone in.

Too scared to let anyone know the pain

that is breaking her soul. The emotions and fears

run like busy bees through her mind.


The girl feels alone but             she knows she is not. .


She will get over all this, And break free from all those walls

Brick             By             Brick.

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