“Trela Rebma” By Megan Shaeffer

It’s amazing to see all the pain and destruction that can happen in an hour

when your community becomes the new front line in this brutal war

and those that caused it run away and cower

leaving everyone in tears and afraid of what could be lurking behind any door


but what happened in this horrid hour that caused so much strife

to know the answer to this question we must rewind the clock

and start before the war claimed an innocent life

leaving one community in a numbing shock


the morning air and sun brought the loving community out for fun

but just beyond the shadows was a drifter that would soon turn life upside down

for this drifter had mission and wanted to hurry and run

lest he stay in the sun and brown


just a couple of feet away were two little lights

both lights vibrant with glee and smile

when who should see them than our stranger who seized them up in wide sights

and walked closer with a plan so very vile


the drifter walked up striking a conversation with the little lights

both too naïve and pure to know what would transpire

the stranger spun tales of the many fun adventures and tricks one could do with kites

and too soon were both lights caught in the tales of one good liar


for you see this was not just any liar

this liar was a doctor in fact

but not a doctor that you would ever want to meet now or prior

for this doctor was sick with inhumane tact


and possessed a gross amount of charm

easily stealing the two little lights away with no one aware

until a slightly bigger light raised the alarm

causing the keepers of the little light to drop down sobbing in prayer


a little while later came the guards roaring in

people from all over the community came trying to lend a hand

unaware this war would soon be over and they would not win

for they were too late to win the first or last stand


by now the doctor had already turned the lights from a once bright white

to a dirty color resembling fear and pain

those poor little lights had no chance to win this fight

as the doctor set out to erase these lights and remain sane


by now the community was frantic looking for the lights in a hurry

at the very same moment fate decided to became cruel

and the two small lights dimmed and went out, leaving behind any feelings and worry

leaving the town behind to find the doctor the ghoul


only a short time later did the guards find the remnants of what the lights left behind

eyes full of tears and hearts torn apart

they brought back to the community the horrid news they did find

and with sadness in the air a community swore this was not the end of the war, it was start


you may be wondering what happened to this so called light thief

well he was caught by the guards and held accountable for these crimes

put in jail to spend time for the unimaginable amount of grief

only to come out a few years later with little lost time


the little light’s guardians and community seethed with rage

but the prisoner of war was done with the sentence

left out of the safe iron cage

and seemingly on the straight path to repentance


those who were too ignorant and stupid to waste time on cheered the release

they claimed the doctor had atoned for the crime by turning a new leaf

that this doctor now only sought to live in peace

they believed this coward, executioner, and thief


but just like the saying a tiger does not change its stripes

so does a light thief not change

for there is no way to change these types

and by now this thief has devoured another light, causing more pain left by this sad exchange

in a war that seemingly has no end while this enemy still lives and the enemy support still gripes

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