“The Moon’s Love” by Nicole Zuleger

At night I watch a raven-haired girl.

She leaves behind her classmates;

always strolls alone.


She is not afraid of the darkness,

but still welcomes the light I bring.

She welcomes the night,

so unlike many others.


I notice everything about her.

How she stares up at me,

how she hums while she walks,

how her eyes soak up my light,

how her lips curl into a half-smile.


I wonder if she cares for me as I care for her;

providing light so she does not trip on the slick black ice,

keeping my raven angel out of harm’s way.


She must care for me. She must,

for when she reaches her destination,

she looks up at me one more time and smiles,

as if she knows I have been watching and

I will now miss her as she vanishes behind stone walls.


I am envious of my brother who will see her again as he rises

and I fall asleep.

My beautiful distraction must look lovely in his light, but

she will always look better in my beams that break the night.

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