“Pick-Pocket Prince” by Jamie McCauley

an apple that sinned before, sins again,

            that fallen fruit—sleep induced poison.


lips red as daggers dripping expulsion from a flower.

   hungry thieves that bite the rim

                        tastes of sweetness that binds her bones



a queen esteemed for

   screaming crowns

               that bend like rubber bands,

          cowardice corrupted.


enlists seven thieving men,

      pick-pocket servitude at its best

                         and a prince for a princess.


a dulcet sound for a docile ending.

            seven pairs of socks

                         to wash, claim, amend.


she plucked them from their beds one by one.

            needle shaking in hand tied to paradise.

                         oh, to kiss a prince, to kiss a murdered toad.


to pick-pocket apples from the throne,

            to die by ill-fated factions.

                         preserve her sinner’s hands.

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