“Washing Harleys Ain’t Always Good” by Anonymous

   Washing my new Harley brought about a new high/low in my life. After visiting the third car wash, each with all bays filled and a line at each, a thought came to me which I, a few minutes later, regret ever having. Each trip from one car wash to another took me past a Sheetz store. I noticed and then remembered I had washed my truck at the Sheetz car wash.

   Could I wash my Harley there? I began thinking just how I might do this. The car wash would not touch the motorcycle if I parked it where the middle of a car might be. The spray would not be any more powerful that the hand washer spray I was going to use. So, after reasoning it out, I was sure the bike would be safe.

   Next was just how would I get it in position and then get out without getting wet myself. I timed a few cars. It took more than a minute from the time the money was inserted and the program selected before the actual carwash began. I practiced a few times outside the car wash and was very confident I could park the bike and get outside before the wash actually began.

   Satisfied that I had it all figured out, I was going to get my bike washed with very little effort and without getting wet. There were no cars in sight, so I drove to the “put your money in here” spot and did just that. I selected the program and now I had a full minute to get my bike in place and leave. In I went, and was I in for a surprise. I had forgotten about the undercarriage wash. Maybe my bike needed an undercarriage wash, but I am sure I did not.

   I wish I had been wearing chaps or even maybe something more to help protect my undercarriage, instead of loose-legged pants!

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