“The Misfits” by Katie Lacko

We are the misfits

The ones that society looks down upon

We are the misfits

The ones that don’t want to be found

Because being different is bad

Because being everything is the fad

I’m sick of it all

The hate and nasty calls

Vile words from the crowd around

While I sit tied and bound

So what if I’m different and gay

Is hate all you can say

I’m stepping up and standing out

Listen to the words I’m shouting out

I’m different but so are you

Shout out the things you hold true

For I am the misfit

Unwanted and called out

I am the misfit

Against the world I stand and shout

Pick up and carry on

Before your sanity is all gone

To those like me, listen to what I have to say

So maybe I can help you one day

It’s time to put down your razor and blades

Even though the scars will never fade

You can’t change who you are

So be the best you can be by far

Follow my lead and chose to say

That it’s okay and you’ll live another day


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