“The Devil of the Seas” by Melanie Przybilski

Edward Kenway

Welsh-born man

Turned Privateer

Is most feared of all.


Making a better life

By taking those of others

Stalking from the shadows

Sailing the salty seas.


Traveling across the Caribbean

Battling the cerulean seas

Dueling the trailing pirate hunters

To survive another day.


Captain of the Jackdaw

The crew follow on

Through thick and thin

An unbreakable bond.


Cutlasses in hand,

Settling the score of old enemies

And sinking Spanish galleons

Plundering cloth, sugar and rum.


Drawn to liquors’ dangers

Earning reales through drunken games

Causing raucous bar fights

Rambling on singing sea shanties


Forging fellowships with

A bond stronger than most

To unite as a family

Raising the notorious black flag!

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