“Fickle with Flowers” by Nicole Zuleger

A rose is beautiful.

A rose is a kiss.

Everyone loves Rose.


A daisy can cause just as much of a smile.

A daisy is proud without boasting.

But Daisy is never good enough.


Tulips and lilacs and daisies are abundant,

but they are never the chosen ones.

Everyone wants Rose.


Roses are not so damn perfect.

Roses have thorns.

Yet everyone loves Rose.


Roses can’t decide on one true color.

They don’t last long once they are captured.

But everyone loves Rose.


Tulips are bright.

Daises are steady.

Lilacs are calming.

Still everyone wants Rose.


What is so perfect about Rose?

She doesn’t deserve the attention or praise.

She is not the bloom she was named for.


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